Alain Paquette

Regular member
Urban Ecology and Tree Biodiversity

Scientific Coordinator: IDENT (International Diversity Experiment Network with Trees)

Founding member and administrator: Canopée 

Steering Committee: GFBi (Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative)

Université du Québec à Montréal
Département des sciences biologiques
CP 8888, Succursale Centre-ville
Montréal, Qc, Canada H3C 3P8

(514) 987-3000 Ext. 1277


  • Postdocs on forest functional zoning (TRIADE) and biodiversity, 2007 (UQAM and UQO)
  • Ph.D. biology, 2007 (Université de Montréal)
  • M.Sc. biology, 1999 (UQAM)

I am interested in the effects of biodiversity on forest functioning, and on the role of trees in urban and periurban environments.

My work is on green infrastructures and the effects of biodiversity on the functioning and resilience of forest ecosystems, both in the forest and in the city. My most current research makes use of controlled experiments (IDENT, TreeDivNet), simulations and long term field surveys (GFBi) to test the links between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in forest ecosystems. I am scientific coordinator of the International Diversity Experiment Network with Trees (IDENT), with already several experiments established in North America and Europe, s well as Africa, including urban environments (IDENT-Cité). I currently lead several research projects on the benefits of planting greater diversity in cities towards increased resilience.

Reserch interests: Forest Ecology; Urban Ecology; Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning; Forest plantations

You can download all my bibliography in the BibTeX, BibTeX-CSV or EndNote format.

Book chapters

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Edited books, special journal editions and proceedings

Peer-reviewed articles

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Articles published in proceedings

Scientific reports, manuals and others

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Theses, dissertations and essays

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Supervised theses, dissertations and essays

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Non peer-reviewed articles

  1. Secours, E., Paquette, A., Ayotte-Beaudet, J.-P., Chastenay, P., Gignac, A., Castagneyrol, B. (2020) Chenilles-espionnes, un projet de sciences citoyennes pour sensibiliser les jeunes à la biodiversité. Spectre

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