Are you a prospective CEF student?

Here’s everything that you’ll need to know to become a member of the CEF!

  • Research the field that interests you...

Consult the research areas of the CEF and make direct contact with one of the researchers who works in the field that most interests you. Fields of research in the CEF are grouped along four axes:

Also consult the list of research projects currently available at the CEF.

Get more information from the researcher whom you have identified to learn more about financial aid (scholarships, bursaries, research stipends). If you are a foreign national, you will have to follow the entry requirements of the university to which you will be attached.

  • Funding: scholarships and jobs...

Because you have to eat well and have fun from time to time, the CEF offers you jobs and scholarships. You will find in this website:

These offers are compiled by the CEF research professionals.

  • Services offered by the research professionals of the CEF...

The CEF employs about a dozen research professions whose primary task is to aid you in your research. If you have a problem in statistics, with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or with a database, if you have soil samples to analyse, an article or text (grant proposal, official correspondence...) that needs revision, whether in French or English, view the specialities of each professional in the website Services page.

Professionals also give various workshops according to their specialties.

  • How to enroll...?
  • You are not a Canadian citizen? Follow the steps linked to your host university.
  • You are a Canadian citizen? Follow these steps.

It will be a pleasure to meet you!

  • Need French lessons?

Having a good command of the French language will help you integrate into Quebec society, the research community and find a job. Some universities offer francization courses:

  • CEF is the largest organisation of its kind in the world...
  • Keep yourself informed...

While doing scientific research, it is also important to take part in events, seminars, conferences, meetings, exchanges...

  • Facebook  and Twitter  from CFR allows you to follow or comment on CFR news.
  • The CFR private Facebook group  offers a space for discussion on all subjects (relating to forestry research or CFR) that interest you. It also facilitates the integration of new members into the CFR community. This is the place to ask questions, start discussions and why not debates on everything related to the forest.
  • CEF-TV  offers you conferences, events, capsules. This is the CFR's video showcase!
  • The CEF Agenda provides you with a whole list of seminars and activities that are relevant to the orientations of the CEF ,
  • What’s New? inform you about topics related to the CEF and elsewhere,
  • The CEF Blog offers you more in-depth articles, advice from CEF research professionals, conference reports, the opinions of our members and popular science articles,
  • In the Medias try to inventory all that has been said about the forest in the Quebec media,
  • The CEF Newsletter gathers all this information in an email sent every Friday evening. Subscribe!.

To announce an event, post news or an article, write to Mélanie Desrochers.

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16e Colloque du CEF

Le 8 mai 2023
à l'Université de Montréal

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25e édition du cours d'été d'Aménagement des écosystèmes forestiers 
Cours intensif à la Forêt d’enseignement et de recherche du Lac Duparquet, Abitibi, du 14 au 25 août 2023.

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