Marilou Beaudet

Associate member

Biologist (Ph.D.)
Canadian Forest Service (Laurentian Forestry Center)

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  • Post-doctorat CRSNG-Industriel, 2003, Domtar/UQAM
  • Ph.D. in Environmental sciences, 2001, UQAM
  • M.Sc. in Biology, 1994, UQAM
  • B.Sc. in Biology, 1991, McGill


My work aims to improve our understanding of the impact of natural disturbances (e.g. ice storm) and partial cutting on micro-environmental conditions, regeneration and response of residual trees, mainly in northern hardwood forest. I use two complementary approaches by conducting field studies and by using modeling.

One of my research interests concerns the relationship between the structure of forest cover and spatio-temporal variability of light conditions in the understory. Here again, I am interested by the impact of natural disturbances (e.g. ice storm: Beaudet et al., 2007), and harvesting (e.g. selection cutting: Beaudet and Messier, 2002; Beaudet et al., 2004) on the opening of the canopy and understory light. I also used simulations with SORTIE-ND  to assess the effect of various types of partial cuts on light environment in northern hardwood forests (Beaudet et al., 2002), and boreal mixedwood forests (Beaudet et al., 2011).

Another aspect of my research aims at improving our understanding of how forest regeneration responds to the opening of the canopy. Among other things, I have been studying the growth, morphology and photosynthetic response of sugar maple, yellow birch and American beech (Beaudet and Messier, 1998; Beaudet et al., 1999; Beaudet et al., 2000; Beaudet et al., 2007). In the case of beech, our work showed that beech regeneration of seed and root sucker origin has markedly different growth and survival rates (Beaudet and Messier, 2008). Sugar maple and beech regeneration dynamics was studied with Jacques Brisson in the Boise-des-Muir Ecological Reserve  (Beaudet et al., 1999, 2007) and as part of the PhD thesis of Dominique Gravel (Gravel et al., 2008).

Besides regeneration, partial cuttings also affect growth and death probability of residual trees. In the case of sugar maple, these questions were studied by Henrik Hartmann (Hartmann et al., 2007, 2008, 2009). In the most recent article (Hartmann et al., 2009), we developed a growth model for sugar maple following selection cutting. Our results showed a decrease in growth with increasing proximity to a skid trail. Furthermore, structural characteristics of northern hardwood forests were compared among old-growth stands and stands harvested using selection cutting and diameter-limit cutting (Angers et al., 2005).

Finally, I also have an interest in using a spatially explicit model (SORTIE-ND; see Coates et al., 2003) to compare the effects of different silvicultural approaches on the evolution of northern hardwood stands in southern Quebec (FQRNT projects with the collaboration of David F Greene and Christian Messier in 2002-2005 and with C. Messier, Dominique Gravel, Guy Lessard (CERFO) and Daniel Mailly in 2010-2013).



Ph.D. thesis


Book chapter
  1. Messier, C., Posada, J., Aubin, I., Beaudet, M. (2009) Functional Relationships Between Old-Growth Forest Canopies, Understorey Light and Vegetation Dynamics. (Chap. 6) In Old-Growth Forest: Function, Fate and Value. (Wirth, C. and Gleixner, G .and Heimann, M., Eds.) Berlin, Allemagne, Springer, pages 115-140
Articles published in journals with revision committee
  1. Girard, F., Beaudet, M., Mailly, D., Messier, C. (2014) Integrating climatic response in competition dependent tree-level growth models for northern hardwoods. Forest Ecology and Management, 323:138-147
  2. Bose, A.K., Harvey, B.D., Brais, S., Beaudet, M., Leduc, A. (2014) Constraints to partial cutting in the boreal forest of Canada in the context of natural disturbance-based management: A review. Forestry, 87(1):11-28
  3. Beaudet, M., Angers, V.-A., Messier, C. (2014) Seedbed proportions in and outside skid trails: Temporal variation following selection cutting in northern hardwood forests. Forest Ecology and Management, 318:151 - 157
  4. Beaudet, M., Harvey, B.D., Messier, C., Coates, D.K., Poulin, J., Kneeshaw, D.D., Brais, S., Bergeron, Y. (2011) Managing understory light conditions in boreal mixedwoods through variation in the intensity and spatial pattern of harvest: A modelling approach. Forest Ecology and Management, 261(1):84-94
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Articles published in journals without revision committee
  1. Angers, V.-A., Messier, C., Beaudet, M., Leduc, A. (2005) Pour un jardinage s’inspirant davantage des perturbations naturelles. L'Aubelle, numéro 148:15-18
  2. Messier, C., Beaudet, M. (2000) L’aménagement durable des érablières sucrières. L'Aubelle, numéro 132 et 133
Scientific reports
  • Beaudet, M. 2004. Modélisation des effets du jardinage de différentes intensités sur les érablières en Estrie. Rapport final de projet CRSNG-industriel présenté à Domtar, 108 pp.
  • Morin, A, Beaudet, M, Delagrange, S, Swift, L, Greene, D, Messier, C, Kneeshaw, DK. 2003. Principales causes de mortalité et principes de modélisation de la régénération chez les semis de bouleau jaune. Revue de littérature présentée à Commonwealth Plywood, 29 pp.
  • Morin, A, Beaudet, M, Messier, C, Kneeshaw, DK, Ruel, J-C. 2003. Morphologie, croissance et survie des semis de bouleau jaune en parquets, quatre ans après coupe, dans le secteur du Lac Darey, Latuque, Aire commune 043-04. Rapport présenté à Commonwealth Plywood, 47 pp.
  • Doyon, F, Gravel, D, Nolet, P, Boullion, D, Majeau, L, Messier, C, Beaudet, M. 2003. L’envahissement par le hêtre dans les érablières de l’Outaouais : phénomène fantôme ou glissement de balancier? Rapport de l’Institut québécois d’aménagement de la forêt feuillue, 16 pp.
  • Messier, C, Beaudet, M, Delagrange, S, Morin, A, Poulin, J. 2002. Revue de littérature et recommandations à propos des pratiques sylvicoles associées au bouleau jaune. Avis scientifique au comité pour la révision du Manuel d'aménagement forestier, MRNQ, 16 pp.
  • Brisson, J, Lareau, C, Beaudet, M, Millet, J, Messier, C, Bouchard, A. 2001. Rétablissement de l'érablière suite au verglas - Le cas d'une forêt ancienne du sud-ouest du Québec. Rapport de l’Institut de recherche en biologie végétale présenté au MRNQ, 108 pp.
  • Coates, KD, Messier, C, Beaudet, M, Sachs, DL, Canham, CD. 2001. SORTIE: a resource-mediated, spatially-explicit individual-tree model that simulates stand dynamics in natural and managed forests. Paper 2001-10. Sustainable Forest Management Network, 29 pp.
  • Nolet, P, Doyon, F, Beaudet, M. 2001. Effets de l’éclaircie commerciale sur les peuplements de chêne rouge et pin blanc. Rapport de l’Institut québécois d’aménagement de la forêt feuillue, 27 pp.
  • Nolet, P, Doyon, F, Beaudet, M. 2000. Effets du jardinage avec trouées et du scarifiage sur la régénération des essences commerciales dans les peuplements de feuillus tolérants avec pin blanc. Rapport de l’Institut québécois d’aménagement de la forêt feuillue, 34 pp.
  • Beaudet, M., Messier, C. 1997. Le bouleau jaune en peuplements feuillus et mixtes : autécologie, dynamique forestière et pratiques sylvicoles. Rapport remis au Groupe d'action de la forêt mixte, Conseil de la recherche forestière du Québec, et à la Forêt Modèle du Bas-Saint-Laurent, 58 pp.
Dissertations and theses
  1. Beaudet, M. (2001) Caractérisation et modélisation des effets du couvert forestier sur la dynamique de la lumière et de la régénération dans l'érablière. PhD thesis, Université du Québec à Montréal
  2. Beaudet, M. (1994) Effet de l'ouverture du couvert forestier sur la croissance, la morphologie et la réponse photosynthétique de semis de bouleau jaune, d'érable à sucre et de hêtre à grandes feuilles. Master's thesis, Université du Québec à Montréal

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