David F. Greene

Écologie forestière

Université Concordia
Départment of Geography, Planning and Environment
S-H 1255 11
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W.
Montreal (Québec), Canada, H3G 1M8

(514) 848-2424 Poste 2063

  • Ph.D. en biologie, écologie végétale, 1990 (University of Calgary). Directeur : Dr. E.A. Johnson.
  • M.Sc. en géographie physique et biogéographie, 1983 (University of Calgary). Directeur : Dr. S.A. Harris.
  • B.Sc. en géographie physique, 1981 (University of California-Berkeley).

Dr. Greene started working at Concordia in 1988. A forest ecologist, he studies seed production, seed abscission and dispersal, and germination, as well as broader issues in forestry and disturbance ecology. He is funded by NSERC and the Sustainable Forest Management Network, and is adjunct with Biology. He is probably best known for his micrometeorological models of wind-dispensed seeds that have been used extensively in forestry to ensure regeneration after logging.


Dr. Greene research focused on reproductive biology -- pollen and seed production, abscission, and dispersal; germination and seedbeds -- as well as disturbance (especially fire and ice storms). He has ongoing projects in the boreal forest of Quebec and Alberta, treeline at Inuvik, the southern Canadian Rockies, and the state of Jalisco in Mexico.

Present Research Projects

  • Abscission of seeds and pollen.
  • Regional climate and the mass seeding of white spruce.
  • Modelling white spruce recruitment in small clearcuts.
  • The effect of post-fire salvage on tree recruitment
  • Determining whether trees in dry tropical forests have annual rings
  • Remote sensing of ovulate cone crops during mast years

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Book chapters

  1. Greene, D.F., Michaletz, S.T. (2015) The role of fire in forest ecosystems. In Routledge handbook of forest ecology. (Peh, K.S.-H., Corlett, R.T. and Bergeron, Y., Eds.) Taylor and Francis, pages 114-126
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Edited books, special journal editions and proceedings

Peer-reviewed articles

  1. Splawinski, T.B., Boucher, Y., Bouchard, M., Greene, D.F., Gauthier, S., Auger, I., Sirois, L., Valeria, O., Bergeron, Y. (2022) Factors influencing black spruce reproductive potential in the northern boreal forest of Quebec. Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 52(12):1499-1512
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  3. Splawinski, T.B., Drobyshev, I., Gauthier, S., Bergeron, Y., Greene, D.F., Thiffault, N. (2017) Precommercial Thinning of Picea mariana and Pinus banksiana: Impact of Treatment Timing and Competitors on Growth Response. Forest Science, 63(1):62-70
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Articles published in proceedings

Scientific reports, manuals and others

  1. Greene, D.F., Crisfield, V. (2006) Final report on tree regeneration on seismic lines in the uplands and Delta near Inuvik. Technical report, Gwich’in Renewable Resource Board, Inuvik, NWT.
  2. Greene, D.F., Kneeshaw, D.D., Messier, C., Lieffers, V., Grover, G. (2000) Deriving alternative silvicultural techniques from knoweldge of the ecology of tree regeneration. Technical report, SFMN

Theses, dissertations and essays

  1. Greene, D.F. (1990) The aerodynamics and dispersal of winged and plumed seeds. PhD thesis, Department of Biology, University of Calgary
  2. Greene, D.F. (1983) Fire, permafrost and the regeneration of white spruce at treeline near Inuvik, Northwest Territories. Master's thesis, Department: Geography, University of Calgary

Supervised theses, dissertations and essays

  1. Splawinski, T.B. (2015) Dynamique de la régénération de l'épinette noire et du pin gris après feu, coupe de récupération, et éclaircie précommerciale. PhD thesis, Université du Québec à Montréal
  2. Rive, A.C. (2010) Enhancing natural regeneration of white spruce (Picea glauca) via synchronization of a mast year with site manipulations in Abitibi, Quebec. Master's thesis, Concordia University
  3. Hayden, B. (2008) Annual growth rings in dry tropical forest trees. Master's thesis, Concordia University
  4. Hesketh, M.S. (2007) Evaluation of mass seed crops in Picea engelmanni and Picea glauca using vegetation indices derived from Landsat Thematic Mapper data. Master's thesis, Concordia University
  5. Calogeropoulos, C. (2005) Refining, testing and evaluating spatially-explicit models for wind dispersed plants. PhD thesis, Concordia University
  6. Swift, L. (2005) Calibrating SORTIE's Recrutiment Subroutine for Southeastern Quebec: Verifying the Consistency of Parameters. Master's thesis, Concordia University
  7. Trindade, M. (2004) Pollen Dispersal at Arctic Treeline. Master's thesis, Concordia University
  8. Proulx, O. (1999) Species, Stand, and Regional Response to Froest Damage in Southwestern Quebec Following the 1998 Ice Storm. Master's thesis, Concordia University

Non peer-reviewed articles

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