Wolves (Canis lupus) have been recolonizing the Italian Alps from the Appenine mountains over the past several years. Working with Francesca Marucco, University of Montana and Progetto Lup, Regione Piemonte, Italy, we are building a spatio-temporal model for wolf recolonization of the Italian Alps. This model is based on extensive field work of behaviour, snow tracking, radio and gps collars, as well as non-invasive genetic techniques.

In the previous century, wolves were eradicated from the Alps and most of western Europe. They are now recolonizing the Italian Alps from the central Italy.

The goal of this study is to provide predictions for wolf movement and population structure over the next 25 years for use by Italian (and other) management agencies as they make decisions on how to manage this recent recolonization after a century of eradication from this region.

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