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Mycologie Foresterie et changements climatiques

Information spatiale
Analyse spatiale

Statistique générale - Analyses multivariées - Modèles incorporant la probabilité de détection -


Rédaction scientifique


James, T.Y. & al. (2006) Reconstructing the early evolution of Fungi using a six-gene phylogeny. Nature, 443:818-822.
Horton, T.R., and Bruns, T.D. (2001) The molecular revolution in ectomycorrhizal ecology: peeking into the black-box. Molecular Ecology, 10:1855-1871.
Foresterie et changements climatiques
Business for Social Responsibility (2007) | Bio-Carbon Business Brief | Bio-Carbon and Corporate Climate Strategy: A Business Brief on Emissions Reductions Via Forestry and Land Use Projects, 24 pages (pdf) 
Chris Henschel and Tim Gray (2007) Forest Carbon Sequestration and Avoided Emissions a background paper for the Canadian Boreal Initiative/Ivey Foundation Forests and Climate Change Forum, October 15th to 17th, 2007, Kananaskis, Alberta, 30 p. (pdf) 
Business for Social Responsibility (2008) | Measuring Corporate Impact on Ecosystems: A Comprehensive Review of New Tools, 18 pages (pdf) 

Information spatiale

Analyse spatiale
LEGENDRE, Pierre (1993) Spatial Autocorrelation - Trouble or New Paradigm., in Ecology 74(6):1659-1673.
RANGEL, Thiago Fernando L. V. B., DINIZ-FILHO, José Alexandre Felizola and BINI, Luis Mauricio (2006) Towards an integrated computational tool for spatial analysis in macroecology and biogeography, in Global Ecology and Biogeography, 15, 321-327


Statistique générale
Douglas G Altman; J Martin Bland (2005) Standard deviations and standard errors .
Hurlbert, S.H. (1984) Pseudoreplication and the design of ecological field experiments. Ecological Monographs, 54, 187-211.
Analyses multivariées
Legendre, P. & M. J. Anderson (1999) Distance-based redundancy analysis: testing multi-species responses in multi-factorial ecological experiments. Ecological Monographs, 69 (1), 1-24. (SD)
Legendre, P. and E. Gallagher (2001) Ecologically meaningful transformations for ordination of species data. Oecologia, 129, 271-280. (SD)
Modèles incorporant la probabilité de détection
Lebreton, J.-D., Burnham, K.P., Clobert, J., & Anderson, D.R. (1992) Modeling survival and testing biological hypotheses using marked animals: a unified approach with case-studies. Ecological Monographs, 62, 67-118.
Pollock, K.H., Nichols, J.D., Brownie, C., & Hines, J.E. (1990) Statistical inference for capture-recapture experiments. Wildlife Monographs, 107, 1-98.
Otis, D.L., Burnham, K.P., White, G.C., & Anderson, D.R. (1978) Statistical inference from capture data on closed animal populations. Wildlife Monographs, 62, 1-135.


Jackson, L.J., Trebitz, A.S., and Cottingham, K.L. (2000) An introduction to the practice of ecological modeling BioScience 50(8): 694-706.
Parrott, L. and R. Kok. (2000) Incorporating complexity in ecosystem modelling Complexity International 7.

Rédaction scientifique

George D. Gopen and Judith A. Swan (1990) The science of scientific writing, in American Scientist, 78, 550-558
Kaj Sand-Jensen (2007) How to write consistently boring scientific literature, in Oikos online articles (doi: 10.1111/j.2007.0030-1299.15674.x)
Fox & Petchey (2010) The Peer Review Crisis 
The Publications Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS) today announced the launch of Publishing Your Research 101, a new educational, web-based video series designed to support authors and reviewers with the process of writing, submitting, reviewing, and editing reports of original scientific research intended for publication in peer-reviewed journals.

The video series, freely available from ACS Publications covers topics such as the essential elements of a scientific journal article, ethical guidelines for authors and reviewers, criteria to consider when selecting a suitable journal for submission, writing a good cover letter, suggesting peer reviewers, responding to reviewer comments and editorial decisions, and guidance for authors who may need assistance with English language writing skills. New videos will be released on a monthly basis throughout 2011.

Publishing Your Research 101 features interviews with prominent authors and Editors of ACS journals about all aspects of the publication process. They provide their unique points of view from their own experiences with ACS journals and offer practical advice for publishing peer-reviewed research intended for interdisciplinary scientific audiences, such as chemistry, biology, medicine, physics, and engineering.

Kenneth Lertzman (30 novembre 2010) Comment rédiger une thèse avec succès!

A pdf of my writing paper  | A pdf of the powerpoints of thesis writing  | An example of a paper from my thesis which uses hypotheses in the way I was advocating  - and one on which I've got lots of positive feedback on the wiritng. I hope this is all useful - Kenneth.

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