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Yosune Miquelajauregui

Former PhD Student

Université Laval

An integrated model of stand dynamics, soil carbon and fire regime: Applications to boreal ecosystem response to climate change

Directeur: Steven G. Cumming
Codirecteur: Sylvie Gauthier

Tel. 418 656 2131 (5712)

Academic Background


1. Miquelajauregui Y, Cumming SG, Gauthier S (accepted).Short-term responses of boreal carbon stocks to climate change: a simulation study of black spruce forests. Ecological Modelling.

2. Rodríguez_Izquierdo E, Miquelajauregui Y, Padilla P, Bojórquez-Tapia LA (2019). Modelling approach for crafting environmental regulations under deep uncertainty: Whale watching in Ojo de liebre, Mexico. Ecological Modelling.

3. Santini, N, Adame. MF, Noland, RH, Miquelajauregui Y, Piñero, D, Mastretta-Yanes,A, Cuervo-Robavof, A, Eamus D. (2019). Storage of organic carbon in the soils of Mexican temperate forests. Forest Ecology and Management 446: 115-125.

4. Bojórquez-Tapia, LA, Janssen, M, Eakin, H, Baeza, A, Serrano-Candela, F, Gómez-Priego, P, Miquelajauregui Y. (2019). Spatially-explicit simulation of two-way coupling of complex socioenvironmental systems: Socio-hydrological risk and decision making in Mexico City. Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling, vol. 1.

5. Miquelajauregui Y, Cumming SG, Gauthier S (2019).Sensitivity of boreal carbon stocks to fire return interval, fire severity and fire season: a simulation study of black spruce forests. Ecosystems. . 

6. Miquelajauregui Y, Cumming SG, Gauthier S (2016). Modelling Variable Fire Severity in Boreal Forests: Effects of Fire Intensity and Stand Structure. PLoS ONE 11(2): e0150073. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0150073 .

7. Miquelajauregui, Y. 2013. Modelos de simulación de la dinámica del carbono. In: Aplicaciones de modelos ecológicos a la gestión de recursos naturales. J.A.Blanco (eds.),OmniaScience, Barcelona, pp 15-38. .

8 Miquelajauregui, Y., and Valverde, T. 2010. Survival and early growth of two congeneric columnar cacti that differ in their level of rarity . Journal of Arid Environments,74:1624-1631.

9. Bahuguna, D., Mitchell, S., and Miquelajauregui, Y. 2010. Windthrow and recruitment of large woody debris in riparian buffers  . Journal of Forest Ecology and Management, 259: 2048-2055.

10. Miquelajauregui, Y., and Mitchell, S. 2010. Vegetation community development 8 years after harvesting in small stream buffers at the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest. In: J. Richardson, M. Feller, P. M. Kiffney, R. Dan Moore, S. Mitchell and S. Hinch. Riparian management of small streams: An experimental trial at the Malcolm Knapp Research Forest. Watershed Management Bulletin, 13: 4-5. Attach:Streamline.pdf 

11. Mitchell, S., Bahuguna, D., Miquelajauregui, Y., and T. Shannon. 2009. Windthrow impacts in riparian leave-strips, Proceedings of 2nd International Conference Wind Effects on Trees, Freiburg, Germany, October 2009, pp. 183-187, ISSN 1435-618X. Attach:Proc.pdf 

Professional Experience and Related Activities

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