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Roberto Silvestro

PhD Candidate
Patterns and scales of climate change: linking plant physiology to forest ecosystem dynamics

Variabilité spatio-temporelle du changement climatique: connecter la physiologie végétale à la dynamique des écosystèmes forestiers

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Directeur: Sergio Rossi
Codirecteur: Maurizio Mencuccini


Work Experience

   The effect of wildfires on ecosystem services in Mediterranean forests
   Phenological adaptive traits in ecotypes of Picea mariana


Silvestro, R., Brasseur, S., Klisz, M., Mencuccini, M. & Rossi, S. (2020). Bioclimatic distance and performance of apical shoot extension: disentangling the role of growth rate and duration in ecotypic differentiation. Forest Ecology and Management, 477. 

Silvestro, R., Izzo, L. G., Buonanno, M. & Aronne, G. (2020). Serotiny in Primula palinuri: how to face the dry season on Mediterranean cliffs. Diversity, 12, 291. 

Usmani, A., Silvestro, R., Zhang, S., Huang, J. G., Saracino, A., & Rossi, S. (2020). Ecotypic differentiation of black spruce populations: temperature triggers bud burst but not bud set. Trees, 1-9 

Guo, X., Khare, S., Silvestro, R., Huang, J., Sylvain, J. D., Delagrange, S., & Rossi, S. (2020). Minimum spring temperatures at the provenance origin drive leaf phenology in sugar maple populations. Tree Physiology. 

Silvestro, R.,Rossi, S., Zhang, S., Froment, I., Huang, J. G., & Saracino, A. (2019). From phenology to forest management: Ecotypes selection can avoid early or late frosts, but not both. Forest Ecology and Management, 436, 21–26. 

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