Roberto Silvestro

PhD Candidate
Patterns and scales of climate change: linking plant physiology to forest ecosystem dynamics

Variabilité spatio-temporelle du changement climatique: connecter la physiologie végétale à la dynamique des écosystèmes forestiers

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Directeur: Sergio Rossi
Codirecteur: Maurizio Mencuccini


  • 2017-2019: Master of science – MSc, Forestry and Environmental Science - University of Naples Federico II
  • Feb.2018-Jul.2018: Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus+ - Universidade de Évora
  • Sep.2016-Feb.2017: Lifelong Learning Programme Erasmus+ - Czech University of Life Science Prague
  • 2014-2017: Bachelor of Science – BSc, Forestry and Environmental Science - University of Naples Federico II


  • Sep.2021-Dec.2021: Internship Student - Centre for Research on Ecology and Forestry Applications (CREAF)
   Wood formation and ecosystem carbon fluxes temporal synchronisms
  • Mar.2019-Aug.2019: Research Intern - University of Naples Federico II
   The effect of wildfires on ecosystem services in Mediterranean forests
  • Jul.2018-Nov.2018: Internship Student - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi
   Phenological adaptive traits in ecotypes of Picea mariana


Silvestro, R., Sylvain, J.D., Drolet, G., Buttò, V., Auger, I., Mencuccini, M. & Rossi, S. Upscaling xylem phenology: Sample size matters. Annals of botany. 

Cervelli, E., Pindozzi, S., Allevato, E., Saulino, L., Silvestro, R., Scotto di Perta, E. & Saracino, A. (2022). Landscape planning integrated approaches to support post-wildfire restoration in natural protected areas: the Vesuvius National Park case study. Land, 11(7), 1024. 

Silvestro, R., Saulino, L., Cavallo C., Allevato, E., Pindozzi, S., Cervelli, E., Conti, P., Mazzoleni, S. & Saracino, A. (2021). The Footprint of Wildfires on Mediterranean Forest Ecosystem Services in Vesuvius National Park. Fire. 4(4):95. 

Guo, X., Klisz, M., Puchałka, R., Silvestro, R., Faubert, P., Belien, E., Huang, J. G., & Rossi, S. Common‐garden experiment reveals clinal trends of bud phenology in black spruce populations from a latitudinal gradient in the boreal forest. Journal of Ecology, 00:1-11. https:// 

Silvestro, R., Brasseur, S., Klisz, M., Mencuccini, M. & Rossi, S. (2020). Bioclimatic distance and performance of apical shoot extension: disentangling the role of growth rate and duration in ecotypic differentiation. Forest Ecology and Management, 477, 118483. 

Silvestro, R., Izzo, L. G., Buonanno, M. & Aronne, G. (2020). Serotiny in Primula palinuri: how to face the dry season on Mediterranean cliffs. Diversity, 12, 291. 

Usmani, A., Silvestro, R., Zhang, S., Huang, J. G., Saracino, A., & Rossi, S. (2020). Ecotypic differentiation of black spruce populations: temperature triggers bud burst but not bud set. Trees, 1-9 

Guo, X., Khare, S., Silvestro, R., Huang, J., Sylvain, J. D., Delagrange, S., & Rossi, S. (2020). Minimum spring temperatures at the provenance origin drive leaf phenology in sugar maple populations. Tree Physiology. 

Silvestro, R.,Rossi, S., Zhang, S., Froment, I., Huang, J. G., & Saracino, A. (2019). From phenology to forest management: Ecotypes selection can avoid early or late frosts, but not both. Forest Ecology and Management, 436, 21–26. 


Silvestro, R. & Rossi, S. (2022). Climate change is altering the seasonal rhythm of plant life-cycle events. The Conversation Canada. 

Silvestro, R. & Rossi, S. (2022). La distanciation sociale a été inventée par les arbres. Progrès Forestier.

Silvestro, R., Buttò, V., Mura, C., & Rossi, S. (2021). La radio frequency identification en foresterie, opportunités et applications. Progrès Forestier.

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