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Kevin A. Solarik

Forest Ecosystems Under Climate Change: Are They Possible To Manage?
Université du Québec à Montréal
Department of Biological Science
141, av. du Président-Kennedy
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H2X 3Y7

Directeur: Christian Messier
Codirecteur: Dominique Gravel

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Forest Complexity Modelling 
EMEND Project 


Ph.D Biology - Université du Québec à Montréal (2012 - Present)
M.Sc Forest Biology and Management - University of Alberta (2010) Director: Victor J.Lieffers  Co-Director: Jan Volney 
B.Sc Specialization Environmental Science - Concordia University (2008)

Brief Project Overview

The mean projected warming proposed by the IPCC (2007) at the end of this century is approximately 3.5°C. Using the current tools to predict the impact of climate change on forest ecosystems is limited and lacks an important basis of ecological knowledge. Novel tools are needed to appropriately scale the climate change impacts from individual trees to the landscape scale and to incorporate the uncertainty associated with the rapidly changing climate. It is thus imperative to develop a new onslaught of models which consider these various ecosystem interactions in a rapidly changing environment. Transition zones: where two or more zones merge and create unique environments, are likely to be the first to experience the greatest initial changes and are the primary focus of this project. A zone of particular interest to Canadians is the temperate-boreal forest transition zone of Eastern North America. This zone corresponding to the sugar maple/yellow birch and the balsam fir/yellow birch bioclimatic domains. The proposed research is particularly urgent for this biome since we expect the greatest impacts of climate change to occur in such forests, which are among the most productive and provide diversified forest products.

The general objective of this Ph.D project is to develop a suite of forest dynamic models for natural resources managers to better understand how current land-use practices and climate change will affect the diversity, productivity and resilience of these forest ecosystems. It is crucial to conduct a wide breath of research to help facilitate these forecasted changes in climate and better prepare for the potential impacts corresponding to such changes.

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