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Mike Flannigan

Associate Member
Fire and weather/climate interactions
University of Alberta
Renewable Resources
751 General Services Building
Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: 780 248-2033
Fax: 780 492-4323



Grad Student
Doctorate Co-Advisor

Former Personnel

Grad Student
Doctorate Co-Advisor

  • PhD in Plant Sciences (Cambridge University)
  • MSc in Atmospheric Science (Colorado State University)
  • BSc in Physics (University of Manitoba)

Dr Mike Flannigan is a professor with the Department of Renewable Resources at the University of Alberta and a senior Research Scientist with the Canadian Forest Service. He received his BSc (Physics) from the University of Manitoba, his MS (Atmospheric Science) from Colorado State University and his PhD (Plant Sciences) from Cambridge University. Mike also completed Meteorologist course MT35 with Environment Canada and worked as a meteorologist for a few years. Dr. Flannigan's primary research interests include fire and weather/climate interactions including the potential impact of climatic change, lightning-ignited forest fires, landscape fire modelling and interactions between vegetation (peat in particular), fire and weather. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Wildland Fire (2002-2008) and has taken on leadership roles with the US National Assessment on Global Change, IPCC, IGBP Fire Fast Track Initiative and Global Change Terrestrial Ecosystems (GCTE) efforts on the global impacts of fire. Mike is the director of the newly formed Western Partnership for Wildland Fire Science located at the University of Alberta.


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