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Mycorhizes 2022

October 21st - Centre d’étude de la forêt, Université Laval, Québec

The goal of this meeting is to feed the dialogue between partners from everywhere in order to improve knowledge on mycorrhizal symbioses. The Centre d’étude de la forêt (CEF) will host over a hundred of participants many of which will present their most recent research results. Conference and poster sessions will be organized around the themes of agriculture, biology and forestry.

Pavillon Paul Comtois, local CMT-1110-1116
Faculté des sciences de l’agriculture et de l’alimentation
2425, rue de l'Agriculture
Université Laval
Québec, G1V 0A6

Welcome and Program

Welcome will be located Pavillon Paul Comtois, local CMT-1110-1116 Thursday, 21st of October, between 8h00 and 8h50.


08h45 - Conference Opening - J. André Fortin

Session 1 : Fundamental Genetics and cultivation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) (Moderated by Christine Juge)

09h00 - Pr. Nicolas Corradi : Genetics and genome biology of AMF.
09h40 - Louis Paré, M.Sc. : Evaluation of superabsorbant polymers for AMF cultivation.
10h00 - Jordana Oliveira, post-doctorante : Characterization of unknown transposable elements families in R. irregularis.

10h20 - Coffee break and posters.

Session 2 - Arbuscular mycorrhizae in agriculture (Moderated by Véronique Cloutier)

10h40 - Sene Godar, Ph.D. : A simplified process of biological fertilization by seed coating with mycorrhizal fungal spores and PGPR bacteria in maize and sorghum.
11h00 - Merlin Caron, M.Sc. Student : Intercropping of Brassica oleracea and AMF in acroecosystems.
11h20 - Stéphane Lamanna, entrepreneur, La Manne à Menoum, ferme forestière : Mycorrhization of an orchard in permaculture.
11h40 - Martin Trépanier, Ph.D., Premier Tech : Mycorrhizal inoculants and PGPR bacteria in agriculture.

12h00 - Lunch, networking and posters.

Session 3 - Cultivation and utilisation of ectomycorrhizal fungi (Moderated by Christine Juge)

13h30 - Mohamed Lamhamedi, Ph.D. : Ectomycorrhizal inoculation to improve iron deprivation in forest tree nursery.
13h50 - Pr. J. André Fortin : Caribou and Matsutaké.
14h10 - Simon Bessette, M.Sc. Student : Specificity of edible ectomycorrhizal fungi.
14h30 - David Fortier, M.Sc. Student : Volatilome characterization of the Appalachian truffle.
14h50 - Alexis Guérin-Laguette, Ph.D., Mycotree : Edible mycorrhizal fungi.

15h10 - Coffee break and posters.

Session 4 - Mycorrhizal symbioses in ecological restoration (Moderated by Véronique Cloutier)

15h30 - Marine Fernandez, post-doctorate : Failure of forestry regeneration: competition oak-molinia.
15h50 - Christine L.-Juge, Ph.D., Irrigation NORCO Inc. : Plant successions and arbuscular mycorrhization in mine revegetation.

16h10 - Panel discussion and conference closure
16h30 - Presentation of student awards – Premier Tech
17h00 - Happy Hour

Posters Session



  • Students: 40$ taxes included
  • Other participants: 60$ taxes included

Registration fees include only pauses and the happy hour. Not the main meals


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