Services to members and non-members

  • Services by CFR labs...

Chemical analysis at Université Laval
For chemical analysis at University Laval laboratories, please contact Alain Brousseau by email or phone.

Laboratory of Biogeochemistry and Microbiology of Terrestrial Ecosystems
Located at UQAM, this laboratory offers a variety of analysis services and the possibility of borrowing equipment. All the details in the laboratory page.

Institut des Sciences de la forêt tempérée - Analytical Services
Located at ISFORT, this laboratory offers services of preparation and analysis of samples of soil, roots, plants or other biological material by making available to other academic institutions and industrialists its infrastructures and its equipment.

Laboratory of DendroEcology and Ecology
The ecology and dendroecology laboratories at UQAM and UQAT have several equipment for sample preparation and analysis. You can consult the list of available equipment and even book it online!

Université Laval Greenhouses
Laval University has high-performance greenhouses located near the forestry pavilion, as well as several growth chambers. It is possible to book a space in the greenhouses or a growth room for your experiments by contacting François Larochelle .

  • Professional Research Support (for CFR members only)...

The CEF employs highly experienced research professionals who can assist you in your work. Here is the list of these professionals with their fields of specialization. You will know more by clicking on their names:

Mélanie Desrochers
Geographic Information Systems, conservation, communications, french revision
Daniel Lesieur
Databases, dendrochronology, GIS
Stéphane Daigle
Université de Montréal (IRBV)
Statistics, SAS
André Gagné
Université Laval
Management of genomic and microbiological collections,
import permit application framework (CFIA)
Pierre Racine
Université Laval
GIS, mathematics, programming, databases, web publishing
Natacha Fontaine
Université Laval
Coordination du pôle de Québec, biodiversité, conservation, communications, révision française
Francois Rousseu
Université de Sherbrooke
Statistics, data analysis, programming, R, spatial analyzes
Hermine Nguena
Statistics, SAS and R

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